WHO WE ARE We evolved a traditional expertise in the supply of IT Hardware along with excellence in delivering professional services to the satisfaction of our clients. Our team comprises of diverse expertise and technical personalities to provide IT solutions across all verticals.

We believe that every employee has the capability and determination to improve business operations. The growth in business includes employee’s values, ethics, and cultural, environmental aspects.

COMPANY CULTURE We believe in a corporate culture which has a direct impact on the company’s performance. A strong, trustworthy management, ethics, and transparency in governance would have a structural impact on the ability to sustain the corporate value as our business objective. It is the foundation on which we are built.

WORKPLACE EXCELLENCE We need members with a desire to win, a passion for consumers and to drive business to take their performance to a higher level.Sogo is continuously looking for candidates that are striving to boost their IT career forward and have a positive impact on the success and growth of the Company as well as their individual growth.

We provide an environment that nurtures talent and professionalism to improve personality.

At SOGO, we provide countless opportunities to develop the team to strive for greatness while providing attractive remuneration and many other benefits for building your career.

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